The difference between wearing clean shirts or having to rewear dirty laundry can make or break your day, especially if you’re a frequent traveler. If you’re vacationing in an RV, posting up at a campground, or just have a home without laundry hookups and can’t be bothered to make a trip to the laundromat, an electricity-free washing machine is the perfect way to get a small load of clothes clean in no time. From simple, lightweight portable washing bags to plastic baskets and crank units, these efficient manual washers will leave your wardrobe fresh as a flower.

Here are a few of our favorite electricity-free washing machines on the market.

Gravity-assisted suds for your duds. Amazon

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Wash jeans, sweaters, and other dense fabrics with this five-gallon-capacity portable clothes washer from Lavario. It’s made of lightweight plastic and uses a simple up-and-down motion to run water through your clothes, getting them squeaky clean within 20 minutes. Simply load up the basket with your soiled items, fill it with lukewarm water and detergent and pump away. The whole thing drains easily in the sink or tub and is compatible with any garden hose for thorough rinsing.

Clean with the turn of a crank. Amazon

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Sometimes delicates need extra care and attention, regardless of whether you have access to electricity. The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash is perfect for small loads of underwear, knit items and other lightweight articles that need to be cleaned with a gentle touch. Load up to five pounds of clothing in the basket and use the hand crank to agitate the water, cleaning your clothes in as little as two minutes.

A wash bag and so much more. Amazon

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This portable clothes washer from Laundreez is a clothing storage bag that can do it all, from storing wet swimwear to acting as a fully-functioning clothes washing receptacle. Up to six liters of water fit inside along with your soiled articles of clothing and the drain nozzle and cap lock tightly during washing and open easily when it’s time to rinse and dry your clothes. If you’re camping and packing light, grab one of these and you’ll never have to settle for dirty socks and shirts.