Animal lover or not, there are some critters you just don’t want setting up shop in your house uninvited. Mice are one of the most hardy and notorious household pets around, responsible for infesting an estimated 21 million homes annually in the United States alone. Between the damage they do to wood and insulation, the host of unsavory diseases they harbor, and their rapid rate of reproduction, it’s essential to use the right trap method to stamp out rodent invasions before they get out of control.

Below, some of our favorite mouse traps on the market today.

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These classic snap traps from Tomcat have a reliable one-use design that has stood the test of time. They’re easy to bait and set, and the spring loaded action ensures a swift release and little to no suffering for the unfortunate mouse. Sold in a pack of five, this style of trap is also very cost-effective and is convenient to keep on hand in bulk for any occasion when uninvited rodents come around. The “snap” sound is a plus, too, since you can hear the traps as they’re set off.

Keeps mice in and keeps fingers out. Amazon

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This electronic trap from Victor acts using a humane and quick high-voltage shock and is designed with the added benefits of touchless disposal without the need to look, making it the best choice for more squeamish mouse hunters. The onboard bait cup is easy to fill, and an indicator light flashes green to let you know when a mouse has been caught. It’s powered by four AA batteries and can catch up to 100 mice before needing a fresh set.

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Sometimes the best move is to capture and release offending mice, and this set of two humane traps from CaptSure is a capable option if you’re looking to go that route. After you bait the traps, mice enter and step on a lever that releases a door, trapping them inside. These traps are constructed from transparent plastic so you can clearly see when you’ve caught a mouse, and they’re easy to reset once you release your catch.

Long-lasting and pre-baited. Amazon

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These glue traps are effective largely thanks to their being pre-baited and having a lot of surface area, so they’re a great way to quickly deal with large numbers of mice. They come in a set of eight and are ready to peel apart and place along rodent travel routes. Because you don’t need to bait them with your own food, their effectiveness can last much longer—in some cases up to a year. The glue is also non-toxic, an important consideration in case they come in contact with pets or kids.