Computer literacy is a basic building block of education, like reading, writing, and arithmetic. Modern education requires children be comfortable with computers, so the earlier you can start them fiddling around with keyboards and monitors, the better. Sure, you want to teach them the value of unplugging and being active, too, but there is no question they will rely on tech for a lot of their future education.

These Items are a great way to stoke interest, and fan the flames of sophisticated, in-depth computer knowledge.

Easy on the eyes, easy to use. Amazon

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Let’s face it, there is no way your child is going to live a computer-free existence, no matter how much you try and limit screentime. So getting them comfortable with keyboard layout and usage isn’t a bad idea and a smart leg up, especially since computers are entering the classroom earlier and earlier. The bright colors and large numbers/letters help keep little ones from straining their eyes, and the keyboard itself is sturdy and spill-resistant. It’s not wireless, but has a simple USB connection.

Intended for girls, perfect for anyone. Amazon

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If your son or daughter is looking to ramp up their computer education, this complete all-in-one kit is exactly what you’re looking for. The Bookean Box comes with keyboard, mouse, wires, circuits, LEDs—everything you need to build a system from scratch. It also utilizes Minecraft to help teach more advanced coding and modding techniques. Although built with the express mission of inspiring girls to take up STEM activities, the kit itself is gender-neutral and is suitable for any child.

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Not as remedial as the children’s keyboard, but not quite as advanced as the Boolean Box, the Kano “build your own computer” kit is intended for children as young as six, and integrates keyboard familiarity with progressively more sophisticated concepts like wiring and coding. It has step-by-step instructions (that are clear and easy to follow—they look a bit like LEGO instructions), and is compatible with any HDMI monitor. It supports more 100 apps, and once constructed can function like a “real” computer, meaning your kid can use it to write a story or watch YouTube.