When you’re in a long line waiting for your turn with a bunch of other cranky people, a good wallet is essential. For everyone’s benefit, you want to be able to find the right card or bills, make your transaction, and get out of there as quickly as possible. Mobile payments, vendor apps, and the decline of cash have lessened the amount of space you need for library cards and twenties, and they’ve lessened the need for bulky, old-school leather cash carriers. There’s never been a better time to trim down your wallet and your carbon footprint in turn by choosing a wallet made from recycled or eco-friendly materials.

Below, some of our favorite eco-friendly wallet options.

Flowfold Vanguard Recycled Sailcloth Wallet

Minimal and water-resistant. Amazon

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People who use mobile payments whenever possible and credit for everything else will find this wallet has just enough space. Use it to pack a few cards, IDs, and just enough cash for emergencies. Both lightweight and strong, this wallet is made in the U.S. with water-resistant recycled racing sailcloth. If you’d like to get beyond basic black, choose cyan or green for a bit of color. Slip it into your pocket without worrying that you’ll need suspenders to hold up your pants.

Money Smart Vegan Cork Wallet

Lightweight, vegan, cruelty-free—and it blocks RFID. Amazon

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Cork is lauded as a sustainable material because it’s made from stripping bark from a tree rather than chopping the whole tree down. This wallet showcases the pliability and lightness of cork, with tiny splashes of color and a snap closure. The inner lining blocks RFID waves to protect your data, and the zippered pocket corrals loose change, hair ties, or guitar picks. With multiple slots and room for bills at the back, you’ll even have space for your coffee shop’s reward card.

Alchemy Goods Jackson Bifold Wallet

Made from reclaimed rubber. Amazon

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From a distance, this black wallet looks every bit the handsome utilitarian classic found in bags and back pockets the world over. But this bifold model with three cards slots, an ID sleeve, and room for cash is actually made of rubber from bike and truck tubes, not leather. The tread pattern on the outside reminds you that reusing materials can result in products just as tough as the original—and much more stylish.

Haiku Trek RFID Blocking Eco-Friendly Travel Passport Case

Cute plastic bottles in wallet shape. Amazon

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Frequent international travelers can’t forget their passports—yet passports are a size that don’t fit neatly into any wallet. This passport folio from Haiku uses recycled polyester made from plastic bottles for fabric, with RFID protection to keep the info on your passport safe. With an array of bright patterns and rich colors, you may also find it harder to accidentally leave this essential travel assistant behind.