Shaving tools are needlessly gendered, and for women often come with a pink tax, which jacks up the price for a nearly identical item simply because it’s packaged for women. All genders can skip the fuchsia marketing and reduce the waste of disposable and cartridge razors by choosing a safety razor or a straight razor with recyclable blades. Here are four great options for beginner and advanced shavers.

Handsome bronze-colored baseplate. Amazon

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It’s a little counterintuitive that safety razors don’t automatically come with blades, but that’s one of their selling points: you can choose the blades that work best for you and your budget, and they are generally much cheaper than cartridge blades. This stainless steel double edge safety razor (or DE as it’s known in shaving parlance) is a good choice for beginners learning to guide the blade for the first time. With a 5.72-inch handle and a weight of 5.6 ounces, it’s a hefty and powerful tool for a close and controlled shave.

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Depending on what parts of your body are being targeted for hair removal, you might want a longer or shorter handle on your razor to maximize your reach or maneuver around curves. Choose from three handle sizes and rich colors including ebony, red, lilac, and even pink. You might just feel a bit posh when you register your chrome-plated razor to confirm its status as an authentic design from this British-based company.

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If you’re already a “DE” safety razor fan, or you’re ready to commit to the art of angling your blade just so for the closest and smoothest shave, consider the elegant carbon-steel Merkur. There are six levels of adjustment between the blade and the head so you can work your way up to a closer shave as you get more skillful and less worried about nicking yourself. Once you realize that multiple blades don’t mean a better shave and that smooth skin with one blade just takes a little practice, you’ll never go back.

As sharp as you’ll look after using it. Amazon

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If your reaction to this folding handle single blade razor is to think you’d never let it near your face, it definitely isn’t for you. In fact, it’s recommended for professional barbers only. That said, straight razor fans with impeccable skill and the diligence to keep this very sharp instrument away from pets and kids will doubtless appreciate the ability to replace the blade instead of using a strop. Admire the enamel handle and spring-mounted blade head, then get the shave you crave while feeling like a silver screen star of yesteryear.