Whether you’re a dedicated parent homeschooling children, a diligent student solving complex equations, or a determined novelist plotting their first book, a dry erase board is the ideal writing surface for thinkers and doers no matter the age or task. Convert any room into a productive workspace and watch your big ideas come to life with these whiteboards.

Easy to mount, delightful to write. Amazon

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The VIZ-PRO professional dry erase whiteboard has a smooth, magnetic 34-by-22-inch surface and detachable marker tray to display your daily writing. It’s anti-scratch silver aluminum frame is light weight, yet sturdy and durable. A wall-mount screw kit is included for an easy and simple wall hanging construction. Personalize your workspace by hanging the board horizontal or vertical, or choose from eight other available sizes.

A space to scribble and post all your notes. Amazon

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This 17-by-23-inch dry erase board not only has a marker to write important reminders, but also comes with magnet accessories to hang notes and use as a magnetic bulletin board. The Quartet board is available with a white, wooden, and black frames that match any interior home interiors. Wall mounting hardware is included that allows flexibility to hang either portrait or landscape.

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Jot your ideas down on this high-clarity OfficeLine magnetic dry erase board. Great for the office or at home, you can keep your ideas visible and top of mind with this lightweight and ultra-slim design. The dry erase board comes with all the accessories you need including a white board pen, eraser, and magnets. You will stay organized and on top of fresh ideas with a 12-by-18, 18-by-24, or 36-by-48-inch surface.

For the little scholars and artists in your life. Amazon

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The double-sided Tankee tabletop whiteboard is perfect for small group learning activities for children like counting, guided reading, and drawing. It boasts an aluminum easel stand that can be securely expanded and adjusted to a convenient angle and then folded flat for easy storage. The handle and portable design makes it great for traveling and bringing interactivity to your fingertips.