If you live in a drafty home or apartment, turning up your thermostat won’t save you from feeling an icy cold blast. Replacing doors and windows can be expensive, and if you rent, it’s not even an option. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this common problem that doesn’t involve masking tape and rolled-up bath towels. Get a quality draft stopper and send a message to the weather to get out and stay out.

Here are three of our favorite draft blockers on the market.

Most colors: Magzo Draft Stopper

Fits Any Style

Hook-and-loop fastening. Amazon

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Glass beads and polyester wadding fill this fabric stopper, which rests against the bottom of your door frame to block gaps and cracks. A Velcro strip (which attaches with push pins) is included if you prefer to secure the stopper to your door, or you can easily move it when coming in or going out. Loops at either end allow you to hang it on the doorknob or a nearby coat rack when not in use.

Most patterns: Decorealm Heavy Duty Door Draft Stopper

Classy Addition To The Room

Herringbone that holds up. Amazon

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This 3.3-pound draft protector weighs substantially more than the others on this list, making it perfect for larger gaps and for keeping everything from dust to bugs out of your realm. Available in pewter, charcoal, oatmeal, and chestnut herringbone patterns, it’s a nice decorative choice if the problem door or window is in a central location of your home. You can conveniently remove and machine wash the cover, so in addition to fighting the wind your stopper can withstand slushy shoes and muddy paws.

Best for kids: Evelots Cat Door Window Draft Stopper-38 Inches

Cutest Design

They’ve also got a dog option. Amazon

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Sentient felines are known for their independence and narcissism, but this inanimate feline just wants to help you stay warm. Let this purrfect plushy absorb the draft for you by stretching it across your door or window, tip to tail. Hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Also available in dog style for those puppy people among us.