Your DNA is full of stories of trial and triumph, and testing your genetics allows you to tap into some of that history. Get a breakdown of your heritage, find relatives, and trace your family’s health patterns and physical traits. Perhaps the most beautiful part of learning this information is sharing it with other family members, as it reveals a collective history.

Most info: 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service

Fairly Quick Results

Learn about the relationship between your genes and your overall well-being.

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23andMe is popular due in part to its 90-plus health reports, in addition to its promise to illuminate your ancestry. These reports include genetic predispositions, carrier status for conditions (such as celiac or diabetes), and physical traits associated with your genes. Take a saliva sample with the kit provided, and you will have your results in less than eight weeks.

Most globally used: MyHeritage DNA Test Kit – Ancestry and Ethnicity Genetic Testing

Large Reference Database

As with the others, you’ll simply have to send a cheek swab into their lab.

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MyHeritage is a strong option for learning about your ancestry because their DNA database is particularly expansive. Their ethnicity reports are presented in a fun video format complete with music from regions that match your genetic makeup. Accessing their database, you may very well find relatives you didn’t know existed, and you can contact them for free through the MyHeritage app. This DNA test will also bring you results in as little as four weeks.

Best value: AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test

Build A Family Tree

More than 1,000 regions included.

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Send in a saliva sample, and 6 to 8 weeks later, you’ll have a percentage breakdown of your genes by points of origin. AncestryDNA says it can trace your genetics to specific regions or even towns. The kit also promises to show you where your ancestors moved throughout time, tying their story to more general historical events. The app will also match you with others that share your DNA, whether near or distant.

Understand your pooch: Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification Kit

Find Your Dog’s Relatives

Tests for more than 250 types. Amazon

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With this test, you can get a detailed breakdown of your dog’s breed, trace its family tree back to its great grandparents, and find other dogs related to yours. Embark uses research done at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to screen dogs based on simple cheek swabs. The results only take 2-4 weeks to arrive. If you want a health-focused report on your pet, you can upgrade to the Embark health kit for an additional cost.