As a kid, it was always hard to understand why game show contestants got so excited about free dishwashers. Choose the jet ski! But after cleaning the umpteenth plate by hand, most homeowners learn that nothing beats the kitchen appliance for convenience. Today’s washers are designed to save water, take up less space, use less energy, and get your dishes from the dinner table and back into the cabinets in record time. Here are some of the best to help you walk away from the sink and get back to enjoying life—perhaps by riding your jet ski.

A narrow footprint. Amazon

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Apartment dwellers know the pain of a tiny kitchen, but at 18 inches wide, the EdgeStar BIDW1802SS fits in nicely without sacrificing capacity. It can accommodate up to eight place settings, and includes a silverware basket and cup tray. The appliance has six wash cycles, as well as high-temperature and sanitize options. A leakage sensor automatically cuts off water, protecting your kitchen from unexpected—and potentially costly—accidents.

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The Frigidaire FFID2426 TD is a full-size, full-featured dishwasher that doesn’t come at a full-size price. The company’s DishSense technology automatically sets the appropriate washing cycle, removing the guess work and saving water and electricity. The appliance can also be set to run on a two, four, or six-hour delay—load the dishes when you finish dinner and set it to run while you’re sleeping. A stylish black stainless-steel finish stands out in a crowded pack of appliances, while still fitting in with modern kitchen design.

18-inches-wide and wheels for easy movement. Amazon

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When you need flexibility in your kitchen, a portable dishwasher might be the answer. Rolling on casters, this two-rack, 18-inch wide appliance plugs into a sink faucet, and then glides out of the way when not needed. It features six wash programs, from heavy to eco, and a stainless-steel interior. Front-facing controls make it a snap to use, and a start delay of up to 24 hours means you can have it wash the dishes when it’s convenient for your schedule, not the other way around.