Even if you don’t consider yourself incredibly Type A, a desk calendar can bring you a sense of order and calm, even in the most turbulent times. Desk calendars can help you stay organized, remember birthdays, and simply acknowledge the novelty of a new day. With so many options, you might gravitate toward calendars arranged by week or simply by day; you might prefer lots of room to take notes or a simple at-a-glance interface. Below are a range of calendars to fit your specific needs.

This choice is perfect for a small desk space at work or home. Amazon

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This easel-style calendar doesn’t ask a whole lot of you, and some people rightfully prefer their office supplies that way. Its contemporary, sturdy design won’t distract you from the task at hand, but helps easily recall a date while you’re taking phone calls or mapping out your month. It’s simple and unassuming, and while the design is plain, you can opt to add color or other art to customize the thick, durable paper.

Don’t underestimate the anxiety-relieving power of a long-term planner. Amazon

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Make room on your workspace for this 11-by-17 inch, freewheeling desk calendar designed for people or families with active schedules. Its farmhouse-style, brown paper brings a subtle but neutral aesthetic, and the pages also include holes if you prefer to hang it up. This calendar includes 18 months, so prepare to use it for a while.

Even the busiest of folks can find relief with this option. Amazon

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If by-the-week planning is more your speed, look no further than this undated planner that comes in three different colors: black, red, or yellow. At only 11.8-by-5.5 inches, it’s relatively small enough to fit most desks or other work surfaces. Beyond spaces for each day of the week, this model also includes extra lines for jotting down random thoughts or ideas and to-do lists, and you can feel accomplished by tearing and tossing each week’s sheet. The dot formation in the weekday slots borrows from the ultra-popular bullet journal method, but handles much of the work for you. As a bonus: the set includes a graphic pencil and two magnets for easy hanging.

Why replace the same item every year? Amazon

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These decorated, hand-painted blocks are functional and can last you a lifetime. The five-piece set brings a minimalist, vintage vibe to your office or home. It’s also incredibly easy to store and carry from one place to another. This product comes in eight different colors to fit your own aesthetic, and it makes for a great functional decor item.