Keurig machines are hard to beat in terms of convenience, but can you get truly exquisite coffee from a pod? Yes. Specialty coffee makers all over the globe have adopted the pod as an efficient vehicle for bringing their brews to your mugs. If making a french press or pour over in the morning slows you down, opt for a high quality first fix at the push of a button. If you have concerns about K-cups due to their carbon footprint, you can take solace in the fact that many coffee producers are now making biodegradable, compostable pods. Here are some of our favorite K-cup alternatives on the market today.

Great value: SF Bay Coffee Breakfast Blend


Reasonably priced and top quality. Amazon

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These affordable pods contain grounds of 100 percent arabica and Kosher coffee beans from Central America. They produce an easy-sippin’ medium roast, and the grounds are packaged in eco-friendly, compostable cups. If you like to support small businesses, this coffee is a good choice as it’s made by the family-owned SF Bay Coffee.

Caffeine-free: Tayst Decaf Coffee Pods

Drink Without The Jitters

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If caffeine doesn’t agree with you but you like the taste of strong coffee, these Tayst pods could really be a game-changer. Their flavor is so bold you’ll forget you’re drinking decaf and find yourself with extra energy. The product is rainforest alliance certified, meaning Tayst works to preserve farmland and protect communities on the land they use. Their pods are also plastic-free and compostable, which is always a plus.

Easy on the system: trücup Low Acid Coffee

Minimizing Environmental Waste

If you have ulcers, IBS, gastritis or just a sensitive gut. Amazon

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For those with sensitive stomachs, it’s best to avoid super acidic foods and beverages. This low acid dark roast treats the body delicately and is absolutely delicious. It is roasted in small batches and treated with water and steam to remove some of the natural acid present in coffee beans. This treatment, however, does not detract from the sweet and smooth flavor of the coffee. To add to the appeal, these pods are biodegradable.

Extra flavor: Brooklyn Beans Maple Sleigh Coffee Pods

For The Early Bird With A Sweet Tooth

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Mmm…maple coffee. It’s hard to say no to the natural sweetness of maple in the morning. These pods come from beans that are responsibly sourced, locally roasted in small batches, and packaged in recyclable cups. A mug of this stuff packs the boldness of Brooklyn and goes great with a bowl of oatmeal.

Sweet alternative: Tootsie Roll Candy Flavored Cocoa Hot Chocolate Pods Variety Sampler Pack

If You Aren’t A Coffee Person

Delicious candy-flavored option. Amazon

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These hot cocoa options pack all the rich and refreshing flavor of your favorite candies into a caffeinated dark chocolate beverage made with real cocoa. Available in a pack of 40, this Keurig-compatible hot chocolate comes in flavors such as Sugar Baby and Tootsie Roll varieties, so you can enjoy your favorite cocoa in a number of iconic American candy flavors. It’s recommended to brew these cocoa K-cups on the low setting of your machine for extra creaminess.