Regular exercise is one of the most beneficial habits you can form, with advantages like basic stress relief to a reduced risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, and better blood cholesterol levels. Running in particular can help out your lungs, bones, and (so long as the activity isn’t overly vigorous) immune system.

When winter comes, it can be hard to motivate yourself to keep up your running routine, and once you get outside, it can be really hard to stay warm. With a few of these specialized clothing items designed just for an outdoor winter workout, you won’t have to settle for stale indoor air any longer. From compression base layers that promote circulation to soft and flexible outer layers that keep your whole body warm and dry, this winter running gear has you covered.

Here’s a list of our favorite cold-weather running gear right now.

Keep your legs warm: Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Compression Leggings

They’re Doing All The Work

Built with anti-odor tech for strenuous workouts. Amazon

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For an underlayer that promotes circulation while insulating body heat, grab these Under Armour compression leggings. They’re made of super stretchy fabric that’s designed to flex along every axis, keeping you comfortable without inhibiting your movement. You can work out in them without a worry, too, thanks to their sweat- and moisture-wicking combination of polyester and elastane.

Best base layer: Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Compression Mock Long Sleeve T-Shirt

First Line Of Defense

For maximum circulation and flexibility in the cold. Amazon

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This Under Armour long-sleeve compression tee is the perfect base layer for your workout wardrobe because it’s super thin, odor-resistant, and wicks away moisture with ease. The stretchy fabric is tight enough to boost circulation but flexible enough to endure workouts, and all the seams are designed flat to prevent chafing, unlike those on traditional thermals and undershirts. It’s also constructed with two layers and the interior has a brushed, soft finish to keep you cozy and warm.

Prevents frosty fingers: Men’s Etip Hardface Gloves

For A Body Part That You Might Not Consider

Keep your digits connected and warm. Amazon

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I’ll admit that gloves were the last thing I thought about. I was so focused on my face, legs, and feet that my hands were the last body part unaccounted for. In all honesty, it’s probably easier to run if your chest is cold than your hands. The North Face’s ETIP polyester gloves let you use your smartphone while wearing them, have a silicone palm for a secure grip, and are warm, flexible, and stretchy. For lightweight running gloves, you need to look no further.

Double down on leg warmth: North Face Essential Fleece Joggers

Extra Lower Layer

They aren’t too fitted, so you’ll be able to fit your tights or shorts underneath. Amazon

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If you need some extra warmth beyond the tights on your legs, snag a pair of sweatpants or joggers. The North Face’s fleece joggers have zippered-pockets—needed for winter running when you might have a runny nose or need a place for your keys—and a drawcord around the waist to keep them from falling down.

Most stylish: DU/ER L2X Performance Denim Slim Fit Men’s Jeans

Dual-Purpose Clothing

Secretly athletic pair for the sneaky exerciser. Amazon

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These fashionable jeans from DU/ER are activewear in clever disguise, made from stretchy performance denim that’s reinforced by the durability of polyester and the stretchiness of lycra. The fibers themselves are impregnated with silver ions that make the fabric anti-microbial, and they’re designed to be both heat-insulating and moisture-wicking. An excellent outer layer that won’t keep you from feeling great about going out on the town after your workout.

Best shoes: On Cloudventure Sneakers

Stay On Track

A better grip on the road. On

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On’s Cloudventure sneakers are clutch when the weather gets a little colder, mostly because of the fact that they are waterproof—better in rain or snow—and have superior grip. The lightweight shoes have a soft cushion for tougher trails, and has their Missiongrip bottom, which features more than one grip pattern. This results in more control on slippery surfaces. A stretchy membrane on the outside of the shoe is 100 percent waterproof to keep moisture out while allowing for airflow.

Snug fit: On Tights Long

On Tights Long
Style and performance. On

On’s Tights Long running tights are made of a mix of polyester and elastane, are form-fitting, are moisture-wicking, and packed full of thoughtful features. Best part? The form-fitting tights will keep your warmer while running outside in chilly weather. Zippers on the ankle make them easy to remove. It’s got reflective materials to keep you visible and safe. Hidden pockets allow you to keep money or other things are hidden while you run. Also, mesh pockets help with ventilation so you won’t overheat in warmer weather.