Getting your caffeine fix in warm weather can be complicated. Hot coffee or tea is unappealing when you’re already sweating, and a trip to the cafe for something cold is exhausting if you haven’t already had a cup. Though cold-brew coffee may carry an air of mystery, it is easier than ever to make at home. Doing so will save you time, money, and the mental energy of having to figure out where your next cold-brew is coming from. Have it to stay, have it to go, and impress guests at your next brunch party. We swear it’s simpler than navigating the milk options at your local coffee shop. Here are some of our favorite cold-brew makers available now.

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This is a great option for the minimalist brewer without surplus space. The OXO is small and easy to store, as the small carafe piece fits inside the larger brewer. Still, it makes 16 ounces of cold-brew concentrate, which goes a long way when mixed with water and/or milk. Fill the brewer with grounds and water, brew for 12 to 24 hrs, and it will automatically drain when placed on top of the carafe. When you’re done, use the carafe stopper to seal the carafe, and store your concentrate in the fridge for mornings to come.

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This brewer makes 28 ounces of cold-brew concentrate that stays fresh for up to two weeks in the fridge. It’s made of glass and steel, but takes up very little counter space. It’s also especially easy to use, since the filter has indicators for how much tea or coffee to put in depending on your water volume. This brewer also has a satisfying tap for convenient serving and is also available in a larger 38 ounce size.

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This is a giant two-quart (64 ounce) cold-brew maker that will look at home in any classic kitchen. It looks like a normal mason jar, but is in fact a nifty cold-brew maker that is fantastically easy to use. The durable stainless steel mesh filter is super fine to prevent grounds from escaping, and it’s also easy to clean. The jar has a flip top for easy pouring and storage. It would also be easy to take to go, should you have an intense day at the office ahead. Just add grounds and water, brew overnight, remove the filter and enjoy!

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This a solid brewer with a clean and minimal design that produces 32 ounces of concentrate in each batch. The fine mesh filter is made of tritan plastic, which can handle hot temperatures, allowing you to use the Takeya for hot as well as cold coffee. It has a convenient handle and spout for clean pouring, and can fit easily in your fridge. The airtight lid assures your coffee won’t spill if you give it a shake before serving.