Clothes steamers that smarten up your garments in no time

Dress to impress without ironing.

Have you ever tried to steam wrinkles out of an Oxford shirt or dress by hanging it in a hotel bathroom while you shower? Investing in a clothes steamer might be seen as the grown-up version of this inexact travel hack. 

No human can withstand a shower of over 200 degrees (and you probably want to talk to your plumber if your water gets this hot), but clothes steamers are designed to work at high temperatures to easily straighten creased and crumpled fabric. Unlike a conventional iron, you are also less likely to damage your garment because the steamer doesn’t have to directly touch the fabric. These tips will help you choose the perfect clothes steamer for your lifestyle.

Tiny and Mighty

This compact 700-watt model fits in your luggage and offers 15 minutes of targeted treatment to smooth out crease lines. A 9-ft cord makes it easy to find an outlet that’s convenient. Hilife

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If you spend most of your time in jeans and t-shirts, and avoid any kind of fabric that says “dry-clean only” or requires special care, a small and portable steamer is probably your best bet. Skip the potential catastrophe of using a hotel room iron when you travel and neaten up the occasional dress shirt or linen jacket for a business meeting or fancy night out. The smaller the steamer, the less water capacity it will have—but a mini one should be perfectly adequate for one or two garments.

Speedy Start-up

Ready in just 30 seconds to start achieving sartorial smoothness and accommodates a wide range of material. Features a tapered shape that’s easy to grip and automatically turns off when not in use. Electrolux

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When your closet is full of silk, cashmere, wool, and fabrics that scorch with a conventional iron, a clothes steamer with multiple temperature settings is a smart investment that helps ensure your clothes will stay in excellent condition for a long time. Mid-range steamers may also come with a fabric or lint brush for a more comprehensive tidying of dust attactors like tuxedo jackets and houndstooth coats. 

Versatile Workhorse

Place garments on hangers onto the built-in head, which also comes in metal. Wheels around your home to de-wrinkle closets to curtains, and heats up in just one minute. Jiffy Steamer

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An upright fabric steamer with wheels, a rack or head to hang clothing, and a large water tank is the best choice for people who want to de-wrinkle their garments on a regular basis at home. You can also use top quality home steamers to straighten curtains or drapes. A clothes steamer can kill bed bugs if it is consistently hot enough to heat surfaces to lethal conditions for the tiny pests, though you’ll want to check with an exterminator to make sure that is the right method for your situation.