Leaving a bag of chips, pretzels, pretty much any snack unfinished is an impressive feat, so don’t mess it up by leaving the bag open. A chip clip is a great way to seal up your snack bags, secure your roll down, and keep food fresh. While a chip clip is a fairly straightforward kitchen tool, there are a surprising number of options out there. We’ve collected our favorites for you to peruse and figure out what’s right for your snacking needs.

Best overall: OXO Good Grips Multipurpose Clip Set

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These bright, bold multi-purpose clips are the bee’s knees. Each pack comes with nine clips. Not only are they great for preserving food, each is magnetic so you can stick them to your fridge and use them to hold up pictures, calendars, notes, and more. If you’re running out of fridge magnet space, you can use the clip’s hanging hole to attach it to hooks, thumbtacks, nails, etc. These little guys are sturdy with a non-slip mouth that will latch onto your treats until you get hungry again.

Sleekest: Whaline Stainless Steel Chip Clips

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If you’re looking for a simple, stylish clip that will go with your kitchen appliances, we suggest you check out these clips from Whaline. The rose gold finish is easy on the eyes and the stainless steel material guarantees durability and longevity. This set includes 8 clips that each measure 3 inches, so you can close up a variety of bags in many sizes. Not only will these clips look great in your cabinets, they can be a helpful tool to keep around the office or your at-home desk.

Best value: Bakhuk Sealing Clips for Food

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If you know for a fact you need a clip that is dedicated to one thing and one thing alone, i.e.keeping food fresh, then these sealing clips from Bakhuk could be for you. This set includes 48 clips, which is great for folks who need to not only keep food safe at home, but are frequently packing lunches, snacks, and more for meals on-the-go. There are six sizes and the clips come in multiple colors each with a minimalist design. They’re also freezer safe for your frozen foods and dishwasher safe for an easy wash.

Best for shopping: Alazco Bag Clips

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These bag clips from Alazco are great to bring with you while you shop for groceries and even better for when you unpack them. Think of this clip as a replacement for the twist tie; they aren’t necessarily going to be a good fit for a giant bag of Doritos or frozen strawberries, but they are great for resealing bread bags, cracker sleeves, plastic bags, etc. Just push down on the clip, pull the bag through the hole, and release. This set comes with six clips in primary colors.