Tea is universal. Though preferences, rituals, and flavors may vary—chai, jasmine, green, black, oolong, earl grey, the list goes on and on—many cultures have a popular tea. It can be overwhelming to sort through brewing vessels, because there are so many to choose from, but ceramic is always a timeless choice. It can withstand high heat and retains that heat well, keeping your tea hot and ready to drink for hours.

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Tealyra’s ceramic teapot is our favorite, thanks to its attractive design, 37-ounce (4-6 cups) capacity, and built-in strainer. Tea is infused through an extra-fine stainless steel that doesn’t let loose particles through. The stainless steel lid stays securely in place during pours, but can easily be opened—for adding in hot water or tea leaves—thanks to a small lever.

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You can’t go wrong with a classically shaped teapot. This one holds six cups of tea (42 ounces), and has the charming energy of a tea party—it’s the kind of vessel you’d find alongside a tiered stand of finger sandwiches, and some prim cups and saucers. The only thing missing are some Earl Grey tea leaves, a spot of cream, and a few sugar cubes.

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Tealyra also makes the same teapot but in a smaller size, for folks who are using their teapots just for themselves. Like the larger model, it’s a stylish and functional choice, with a built in stainless steel infuser—all of which is dishwasher safe. It’s great for curling up with a book on a rainy, perfect-for-tea day.

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All of Roimtea’s tea sets are beautiful and modern, with warm touches of wood. This one includes a simple white teapot with a wooden lid and removable tea infuser, and four ceramic glasses. The squared handle of the teapot is large enough to make sure you don’t accidentally brush a hand against the hot surface.