Kitties young and old need fresh water to stay healthy. Cat fountains make water more drinkable and delicious, pumping out super clean, filtered water in a way that both nourishes and entertains cats. Here’s what to look for in a good model.

Strong circulation system

Illuminates to let you know it’s working and effectively oxygenates H20 to make it fresh and clean. PETKIT

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If you have a long-haired cat, a powerful filter should be a priority. Regardless, a cat fountain should be easy to clean, as you will have to do so eventually. One more thing to consider is the volume of the water pump, because a loud one can be distracting and detract from the charm of having a cat fountain in your home.

Group thirst quencher

Large capacity and customizable flow styles for a picky pack of kitties. PetSafe

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Certain cats are picky and will respond more enthusiastically to different fountain styles. Some cat fountains have several options for flow designs, and cycling through them can help keep your cat engaged.

Cute and competent

Has an aesthetically pleasing flower design, a strong cleansing system, and produces a near silent stream. Veken

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Convenience is key, and it’s important to find a cat fountain that holds enough water such that you don’t have to replenish it too often. If you have multiple cats that get particularly parched, you’ll want a larger fountain that is accessible to more than one pet at a time.