Carpeting and area rugs can make a space feel cozier—but they can also be a pain in the neck to clean. Carpet and rugs collect dust and dirt, and they’re prone to stains. Your pet’s antics and accidental spills can’t be predicted, so check out our picks for heavy duty carpet cleaners that can tackle your next mess.

Power and precision

This unit includes heavy-duty suction, an extra-large power brush, and a 25-foot power cord. It’s an excellent example of the industry standard, great for intense rejuvenation. Bissell

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Professional-grade carpet cleaners are designed for intense cleaning, stain-lifting, and color restoration. Though they are often rented, it doesn’t hurt to have an industrial unit on-hand if you have a large home with outbuildings, rental properties, or own commercial real estate. Look for something with a large tank capacity and additional tools so you’ll never need to reach for another carpet cleaner again.

Tackle any mess

Come with a 3-inch tough stain tool, an animal stain tool with spray tips, and two trial-sized antibacterial fluids. Bissell

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Typical carpet cleaners can be a bit expensive, but we believe they are worth the purchase. A carpet cleaner combines cleaning fluid and water to blast away embedded dirt and tough stains, using special attachments to target tough areas. Many models will also come with drying abilities and special settings to get your carpet looking good as new. So, while a carpet cleaner can indeed be an investment, it will undoubtedly leave you with a refreshed home.

Easy to use

This model is simple, efficient, and equipped with a spin brush—plus drying technology to finish the job. Hoover

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One of the most popular reasons to purchase an at-home carpet cleaner is picking up after pets. Combined with a powerful cleaning solution, a carpet cleaner is often a great way to tackle lingering odors and stains that don’t respond to soap and water. Make sure you reach for a lightweight model that won’t tire out your arm—and we suggest looking for a unit with some sort of drying power since carpets and rugs can take a lot of time to air dry.