Have you ever been hypnotized by videos on Instagram of people drawing letters in slow motion? Practicing hand-lettering and calligraphy is a great way to relax and use your creative skills to design gift tags, place cards, signs, and stationery. Here’s everything you need to begin cultivating beautiful penmanship, even if your current signature is just a few indecipherable squiggles.

Pretty Simple Lettering: Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering for Beginners by Whitney Farnsworth

Is it still Comic Sans if you draw it yourself? Amazon

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Learn all about letterforms and the types of pen or pencil strokes you can use to create them. Build a strong foundation in basic techniques, design terms, and compositional elements as you work through the practice sheets in this 128-page spiral-bound volume. Then try out projects where you are tasked with filling in the words on the author’s lovely designs, including a wreath and a monogram with floral accents.

Studio Series Calligraphy Paper Pad

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Ink from brush pens and markers can easily bleed through thin sheets of paper, so it’s important to have good quality stock to practice on. This notebook features 50 sheets of heavy letter-sized paper with a landscape page orientation (think horizontal, not vertical). Each page is also ruled with a slanted grid to help guide your progress.

Tombow 56190 Beginner Lettering Set

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With a calligraphy pen, permanent marker, pencil, and two dual brush pens, you can try out your handiwork in different mediums to see which you like best. The brush pens write in water-based ink, and feature a wide tip on one end and a fine point on the other for control and precision. The calligraphy pen has a fine brush tip developed for writing intricate Kanji characters, and yields different size lines depending on how much pressure you use. Pencil fans will appreciate that this set also includes an eraser.