Money belts are a must for traveling; they keep your important documents, money, and cards safe, secure, and in order. Take advantage of the certainty these products bring beyond travel, from outdoor exercise to nights on the town. Depending on where you’re going and what you’re carrying, you’ll want to factor in size, how easy the bag is to conceal, and how quickly you can access the contents. Above all, you’ll want to keep your hands free and not have to go digging around in a bulky bag for your important possessions.

Scope out the choices below while shopping for your next vacation (or night on the town).

Eastpak Talky Bum bag

Elegant and discreet. Amazon

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This Eastpak bag has a slim and stylish design that also leaves plenty of room for essentials. It has a flat profile, so it’s not particularly bulky like most fanny packs, and it comes with two separate compartments. This one is ideal if you have an oversized smartphone and want to make sure it’ll fit with all your other essentials. It comes in black, charcoal, and light grey.

Eagle Creek Travel Money Belt

RFID-blocking for all your necessities. Amazon

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This money belt from Eagle Creek is made from a lightweight mesh fabric that’s comfortable to wear and not so noticeable under a shirt. Despite its compact size, it’s large enough to fit a passport, cash, a few credit cards, your phone (as long as it isn’t huge), and even small sets of keys and headphones. It comes with two compartments and has a mesh backing designed to wick away moisture.

Jasgood Nylon Military Tactical Belt

Stow your essentials in plain sight. Amazon

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This stylish nylon belt is an ideal way to keep your money on you without the worry of forgetting it falling out of your pockets. It looks like a normal nylon belt, but it has a zipper on the back, which you can open to reveal a slim compartment to put folded cash and essential travel documents. The buckles are made from plastic, and each pack comes with two different-colored belts. It’s ideal for sports, outdoor activities, traveling, or any other activity that demands hands-free movement and minimal presentation.

Venture4th Travel Neck Wallet

Discreet and easy around-the-neck cash storage. Amazon

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The Travel Neck Pouch works well for keeping all your travel documents in one place. It’s a little larger than the Eagle Creek money belt, so you’ll be able to fit your phone, credit cards, money, keys, and even a few bulkier items. The RFID blocking adds another layer of safety against would-be money thieves It’s lightweight and meant to be worn underneath your clothes; the neck strap is adjustable and comes in beige, black, brown, silver, green, or grey.