The best part of sleeping? Snuggling into soft, silky, cozy sheets. The worst part? Waking up in the middle of the night hot and uncomfortable due to lack of breathability. There’s no shame in being a warm sleeper—and it can be especially frustrating if it’s happening with any regularity. That’s where cooling sheets come in: you may be in need of a sheet set that is made using techniques and materials which aid in temperature regulation so that you can focus on catching those deep-REM zzz’s.

Below, are sets of breathable sheets that will help you sleep soundly (and will definitely make those lazy Sunday mornings even better).

Best overall: Peru Pima Bed Sheet Set

No Harmful Chemicals Used

Made from a cooling, crisp material. Amazon

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The key here is sheets that are light enough to allow moisture to evaporate into the air. So what that comes down to is, primarily, material that can yield a loose weave. These 100 percent Peruvian Pima cotton sheets feature a weave that is matte and cool to the touch, and allows for both durability and breathability. Bonus: they get softer with every wash.

Most options: Bampure 100 Percent Organic Bamboo Sheets


Choose from 10 vibrant colors. Amazon

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Who knew you could sleep between sheets made of bamboo? As it turns out, bamboo fiber yields one of the best sleeping materials. Grown in a chemical-free environment, this bamboo viscose sheet set is odor-resistant, breathable, and silky to the touch. It’s recommended to wash these once before using them to ensure optimal silkiness.

Nicest looking: DAPU Pure Stone Washed Linen Sheets Set

For Interior Design Lovers

The material comes directly from Normandy, France. Amazon

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For those who look forward to a touch of high-end design when it comes to slipping into their sheets, this 100 percent French linen set should do the trick. The material itself—durable, stone-washed linen—is beautiful to look at (available in eight soft colors), and will soften over time with every wash, yielding a timeless, vintage appearance. In terms of breathability, fine flax linen from Normandy is revered worldwide for its ability to regulate body temperature and wick away moisture.