Sometimes when you look a little closer at what you thought was a good relationship, you start to see problems that you’ve ignored so frequently, you’ve forgotten there might be a solution. Take cereal and milk, for instance. When cow, almond, or oat milk enters the equation, the relationship doesn’t feel so light and sweet. Will you ever get the satisfying crunch you crave, or will your bowl continue to dissolve into a slurry of grainy, squishy bits before you can finish scrolling through the news? Don’t worry, your two faves can learn to coexist. These clever little containers are the perfect fix.

Corn flakes, not corn mush. Amazon

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This simple BPA-free plastic bowl solves the number one problem with transporting cereal: once you put the milk in, the clock starts ticking on any crunchy, chewy textures. Pour your cereal into the main container, then add the top compartment for your milk before locking down the lid with the three side clips. The container holds a total of 17.9 ounces, and can be microwaved (without the lid) and frozen, so it’s great for separating oatmeal and fresh fruit, or yogurt and granola. A tiny spoon is included to ensure you don’t ever have to slurp your cereal out of desperation.

A meet-cute for your dairy and grains. Amazon

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If your idea of perfection in a cereal is the moment when flake or square or fun shape meets milk for the first time, this clever invention will blow your mind. Fill the outer cup with your milk of choice to the recommended line, replace the inner cup, and then fill that with your fruity orbs or frosty nuggets. Once you add the cap (available in bright and cheerful pink, yellow, and blue), the magic begins. When you tip the top toward your mouth, cereal and milk will be released separately to unite in yummy togetherness. Keep in mind that the top does not seal, so you don’t want to travel with it.

Hone your snacking technique. Amazon

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Most people, intentionally or not, marinate their cereal. What if you could treat milk as a dipping sauce instead? This cute BPA-free bowl has a space for up to 15 ounces of milk on one side, and a cup of cereal on the other. Slide your spoonful of cereal on over to your milk for a quick bath or a longer soak, and control your crunch. The bowl doubles as a chip and dip delivery system, so you can do some serious snacking at any time of the day or night.

Snack fashionably. Amazon

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This stylish cup is available in an array of beautiful patterns, from stars and dots to flowers. It looks like a fancy reusable latte cup, but is made specifically for muesli and separates all kinds of cereal from milk or yogurt until you’re ready to dig in. The cup and a handy spoon are made of sustainable bamboo fibers, but can still be washed in your dishwasher. An attractive felted wool sleeve holds the spoon in place and offers a comfortable grip if you’re transporting heated oatmeal.