If you’ve sprained a wrist or are dealing with a troublesome knee, you’ll want to find a good brace. This is especially true if you’re physically active and find that your injury bugs you when you move or play sports. Here we’ve compiled a list of ace braces for a variety of ailments and pains.

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If you’ve ever sprained a joint, you’ve most likely used one of these bandages. They’re kept in almost every first aid kit, and work perfectly if you’re dealing with a recent injury and not at the point of needing a more permanent brace. Just wrap the bandage around your injury and clip it into place.

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This knee brace is great for anyone who’s suffering from an injury or trying to stave one off. It has an open patella design made to relieve pressure and a velcro wrap for added stability. It also has gel pads for comfort (many knee braces cause chafing and skin irritation). This one-size-fits-all brace is great for anyone looking to ease the pressure on their most well-used joints.

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The Comfybrace Wrist Brace is made to support your hand and wrist throughout the day and when you sleep. Often times people sleep on their wrists in awkward ways that can hinder the healing process. This brace keeps the joint in a supported position all night long, and can work for either the left or right hand. It’s also made out of a flexible, breathable material so you will keep the perspiration to a minimum.

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This Powerlix Elbow Compression Brace provides full support and range of motion, which makes it perfect for wearing while working out. Many people suffer from tennis elbow or need backup when lifting weights. Wearing a supportive brace can help prevent injuries during those trying hobbies, so try this option today.