Vibrant, ammonia-free dyes for at-home hair color

Perfect for changing your hair color at home.

person outdoors with green hair
Do it yourself.Annie Gray via Unsplash

If going to the salon every time you need to touch up your bright hair color—or every time a new whim strikes—sounds costly and inconvenient, box dyes are your best bet. The following brands offer a range of saturated colors, and are free of ammonia or other ingredients that strip hair of its softness.

Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink Hair Dye
Vibrant and long-lasting.Amazon

A leading name in colorful hair dye, Manic Panic’s Classic High Voltage line is hard to beat. Their dyes are wildly bright, as well as vegan, PETA-accredited, and free of ammonia and parabens. This bright pink shade will pop most over blonde or pre-lightened hair. Mix it with other colors to create your own unique shade, or with their “pastel-izer” to give it an even softer look.

Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye
A red that won’t fade into pink.Amazon

Arctic Fox is vegan and cruelty free, and even donates 15 percent of its profits to fight animal cruelty. The dye is great for your hair, because it’s free of ingredients like peroxide, ammonia, and ethyl alcohol, which strip hair. This rich red, with the cool name “Poison,” is shaded with orange undertones, which means it will keep its red shade as it fades, rather than morphing into pink. Put it over lighter hair for vibrant red, or over darker hair for a nice tint.

Good Dye Young Semi-Permanent Vegan & Cruelty Free Cream Hair Dye Color
Fans of Paramore rejoice.Amazon

After years of dyeing her hair, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams decided to create her own line of bright hair dyes. Good Dye Young is also vegan and cruelty free, free of ammonia and formaldehyde, and infused with moisturizing essential oils. The base colors are designed to be mixable, or lightened through mixing in Fader. This raven black color can be applied over any natural hair shade.

Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye
Use it as a toner or for touch ups.Amazon

Kercolor’s Clenditioners are the best multi-purpose hair coloring products out there. Because they deposit color every conditioning, they can be used to restore a vivid color to its prime, tone out unwanted shades (for example, purple to tone out brassy oranges), or dye virgin hair over time. This teal gives off major mermaid vibes.