Bodyboarding is a popular and unique way to float in the water and get in a little exercise all while taking back some control of where the current takes you. Unlike its predecessor the surfboard, a bodyboard doesn’t require you to stand up to ride a wave, so it’s much easier to learn without falling over and wiping out. The boards are smaller and softer than surfboards, too, and they’re made out of buoyant materials so they can do the floating for you while you paddle and work out with your legs. Their use isn’t even limited to the ocean, either—they’re perfect for water parks and rivers, too. If you’re an avid athlete, just learning to swim, or have kids you’re trying to acclimate to the water, a bodyboard can be your ticket to having fun in the sun while taking command over the push and pull of the water.

Here are some of the best bodyboards currently on the market.

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The Morey Mach is the flagship bodyboard from the company of the synonymous surfer who’s credited with inventing the bodyboard back in 1971. Made from high density polypropylene for a blend of buoyancy and stability, it comes in a classic two-tone finish for maximum style and high visibility, and it supports riders weighing up to 180 pounds. At 43 inches long and 23 inches wide, this is a sturdy and timeless design that offers up the bodyboarding experience the way it was intended to be. There are options for adding your own leash as well, should you need it.

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This bodyboard from Hammerhead is reinforced with a graphite rod core, making it a durable and tough option that can stand up to choppy waters and heavier use. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds and a unique wide front and narrow back design, it’s nimble and easy to control while offering maximum support for a board in its class. It’s made of extruded polyethylene and finished on the back with smooth, high density polyethylene for a sleek finish. It also includes a leash to prevent getting separated from your board.

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This lightweight bodyboard from Omouboi is a great tool for learning how to steer and float on a real bodyboard with the added benefit of being portable due to its inflatable design. Perfect for kids and adults alike, it’s crafted from airtight polyester with a thin polyvinyl lining and it sports two durable nylon handles on its face to assist with grip. Thanks to its being inflatable, it’s even more buoyant than traditional bodyboards, which sets it apart as a bonafide flotation device that can even be used at the pool.

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If you’re looking to dive into bodyboarding without breaking the bank, this bodyboard from Bo-Toys is a great way to get started. It’s made from the same high-density polyethylene as other pricier options, giving it lightweight durability and a rigid architecture that can support up to 180 pounds without a hitch. It comes in four bright colors and two sizes, so it’s a good option for outfitting the whole family for a water-filled vacation.