Car blankets that are perfect for your next road trip

Stay warm and dry on your cross country adventures.

person sitting on top of a car with a blanket
Always have the option to bundle up.Autri Taheri via Unsplash

When you’re not in a rush, a road trip is a perfect way to enjoy the journey from point A to point B. Whether you’re camping at night, sleeping in your van, or finding other lodging along the way, a blanket is a must for those cold nights and for staying comfortable during the day. We’ve considered factors like coziness, durability, water resistance, and odor resistance. Here are some of the best we’ve found.

Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket
A classic choice from an iconic brand.Amazon

Pendleton is a household name for a reason. These queen-sized blankets are warm and cozy with a classic, Pacific Northwest-inspired look worthy of any Van Life Instagram account. The wool-cotton blend is perfect for indoor or outdoor usage, and it will look spiffy as a living room throw after your road trip is over.

Rumpl The Original Puffy
For every occasion.Amazon

If you’ve ever unzipped your sleeping bag to use as a blanket and wished for a more light-weight, double sided version, this one’s for you. The Rumpl is water, odor, and stain resistant, and soft to boot. It’s fully machine washable and dryer safe—making it easy to clean during any pit stops—and made from 100% post consumer recyclable materials, for the sustainably minded. It’s even got a little clip in the front that lets you wear it as a cape.

Kelty Bestie Blanket
A great Rumpl dupe.Amazon

Beloved by road-trippers, concert-goers, and campers alike, the Kelty Bestie Blanket is a great value choice. Its 75.5-inch-by-42.5-inch dimensions make it a great pick for a one person adventure. With a weight of just 1.5 pounds and a convenient stuff sack included with the blanket, it’s both easy to tote and takes up scant space in a car.

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0
A palm sized solution.Amazon

This 63-inch-by-44-inch blanket folds down to a compact 6-inch-by-3.5-inch size, making it an excellent everyday carry for the discerning road-tripper. Keep it in your backpack or satchel and you’ll have a floor tarp fit for a picnic, watching the sunset, or resting your legs on a hike. It comes in three colors, and even includes little stakes that can be used to anchor the blanket to the ground.