Glitter gets a bad rap for being messy, ostentatious, and impossible to remove but, real talk, glitter can be great. It’s the perfect tool for livening up your look and spicing up your crafts. A little shimmer goes a long way and if you are a sparkle supporter, you should know that most glitter is made from tiny bits of plastic that are really, really bad for the environment. These glitter options are all biodegradable so you can grab your favorite color and go to town knowing that you are doing your part to protect your planet while staying shiny.

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Electrik Glitter is a great product to use if you are trying to be music festival ready whilst fighting to protect ocean life. For every purchase, Electrik Glitter donates a portion of the proceeds to ocean conservation efforts. This shiny stuff is all-natural, dissolvable, and made out of non-ecotoxic cellulose extracted from eucalyptus trees, making it much softer on the skin than plastic alternatives. This chunky glitter is made in California, comes in a never-ending variety of colors, and can sit comfortably on the face, hair, nails, or body. Packaged in recycled paper, each vial contains 5 grams of product, which can take you a long way in terms of coverage. You’ll have an ocean-friendly, opulent time whenever it’s applied.

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Not all of us are ready to rock a face full of glitter, but we do need a solid, eco-friendly option for all of our crafts. This ultra-fine glitter from Plur Visions can do both. Also made from plant cellulose, this is a great option for decorating ornaments, mugs, picture frames, phone cases, essentially anything you want to “glitterfy”. This cosmetic grade glitter is also fine enough to comfortably add to your lipgloss, hair gel, liquid blush, etc. You might mix it into your homemade soaps or bath bombs for a bit of extra fun. You can choose from 7 colors and receive ¼, ½, or, 1 full ounce of this iridescent product so get ready to glow for days on end.

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If you are looking for bold, bright color, EarthShine is the way to go. The formula is very similar to Electrik Glitter’s, made from sustainably sourced non-GMO eucalyptus cellulose but with a focus on delivering quality, solid colors, as opposed to holographic blends. It comes in a cute, reusable glass jar with a bamboo top that contains roughly 2 grams of glitter. Choose from 8 bright, beautiful, compostable colors designed to liven up crafts, makeup, and more. It’s a particularly great glitter to layer on top of products with a single-color background, such as nail polish, to elevate what’s already there.

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This chunky glitter from Karizma Beauty is a super fun way to embrace your inner rock star. Another biodegradable, plant-based solution to the issues plastic glitters present. With each recyclable package you will get about 10 grams of chunky glitter in a metallic mix of stars, hexagons, speckles, and dust. When you’re done, you can wash away the residue knowing this material will breakdown and dissolve in wastewater and oceans. Big and bright, this stuff is guaranteed to get you noticed in a crowd.