Biking is looking ever-more like an efficient, healthy, and sustainable way to travel. With a two-wheeler, you can freely and quickly get around without coming into close contact with other people. But for any bike journey, most experienced riders will tell you that a helmet is essential to ensure your safety. Whether you’re a commuter or leisurely joyrider, the ideal bike helmet can withstand impact, and it will also provide you with more confidence and comfort while navigating the streets. You’ll want to consider fit, safety, style, and ventilation when selecting a helmet. Here are some of the top helmets on the market.

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When you’re on the go, carrying around a clunky helmet isn’t always the best option. This foldable helmet is perfect for those who prefer a portable alternative. This helmet comes in three colors—navy, black, and white—and can fit in your tote or backpack while you continue on your way. It has 14 vents to keep you cool and reflective stickers so you stay visible during nighttime use. Who said you couldn’t look stylish in a helmet?

Matte colors and professional-looking design. Amazon

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This midsize helmet has great airflow with 25 vents. It’s crash-tested per the MIPS approval system for an affordable price. Beyond practicality and functionality, the color scheme of neutrals is sure to draw compliments on the road. The polycarbonate shell and anti-microbial padding makes this helmet cut out for any kind of weather as well as resilient against sweat. Because this brand offers four different sizes, be sure to measure your head before ordering.

The classic commuter choice built for recreation. Amazon

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For daily commuters, this helmet is your match. Its solid fit, classic style, and protective features are designed to keep you safe on the road. Oh, and did you hear roller skating is back? Sling this helmet in your bag on your way to the rink or skate park, as it works for those activities, too. The helmet includes two moisture-wicking pad sets so you can choose your own fit, as well as an adjustable chin strap. Given this helmet has less ventilation, scrub the front pad occasionally to prevent oil or sweat buildup, especially if you’re wearing it every day.

Can withstand commutes or mountain biking. Amazon

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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, classic road companion, the Schwinn helmet is the one. The helmet has nearly two dozen air vents and pads that withstand moisture to keep you cool on even the hottest summer days. The adjustable dial enables you to customize the fit for maximum protection, all within a helmet that’s so light, you’ll forget it’s there.