The most frustrating thing about most workout shorts—for men and women—is the glaring lack of pockets. Maybe some people live in a world where car keys, wallets, and cellphones are optional, but most of us have real life obligations that require us to carry a little more baggage to the gym or park.

Luckily, there are others who understand the struggle. These shorts are designed for comfortable and durability whether your thing is yoga, running, or couch-surfing. Never be uncomfortable, or without pockets, again.

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Yoga and meditation is usually about unplugging and allowing your mind to be free of stress and obligation—which is great if you live in a world where such breaks are possible. The truth is, a lot of people need to stay connected even when they’re trying to connect with their inner light, so it’s nice to see a pair of yoga shorts that acknowledge this necessity. An 87-percent nylon, 13-percent spandex mix, the CQC shorts are breathable and stretchable, and come in an array of colors from basic black to pink to “wine red.” There are two pockets on either side (designed not to interrupt the lines of the silhouette too dramatically) and a key pouch inside the waistband.

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Constructed of lightweight woven fabric, these Under Armour shorts are designed to be durable through multiple laps and washings. They feature two front hand pockets and even a hidden back pocket, which gives you multiple options for what you can and can bring with you when you head out (as anyone who has tried to sneak out for a quick run with their phone and keys while working from home can attest). There are also reflective details woven into the shorts, for evening or late night outings, and an inner mesh lining. They run close to size, too.

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For some, there is no differentiation between “everyday clothes” and “workout clothes.” These people need versatile, comfortable shorts options that still allow them to do normal things like, you know, carry a wallet. These Champion shorts are basic, no frills mesh shorts that are comfortable (though 100 percent polyester, which should be noted for those who may be averse to the fabric) and lightweight, and designed to be a little longer than basic running shorts. Available in a rainbow assortment of colors (literally, as some options are bright green or yellow), they will be solid, everyday workhorse shorts.

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Polyester can be an issue for some people when looking for workout clothes, since they either find the material irritating to their skin or else they don’t like how it makes them sweat excessively. These Nike shorts are 60 percent cotton, and are lightweight, breathable, and extremely comfortable. The fact that they have two side pockets almost feels like an extra bonus. Available in basic grays, blacks, and blues, they won’t reinvent the workout short, but they will provide a lot of solid use.