Stylish sunglasses for active people

Lightweight shades that are as tough as you are.

If you’ve got an active lifestyle and spend time working or exercising outdoors, a good pair of sports sunglasses is key to protecting your eyes from both the sun and whatever else might come your way. While any old pair of spectacles might do in a pinch if you need simple eye protection, sports sunglasses are designed specifically for consistent performance under mobile conditions, gripping your face and wrapping around your line of sight to keep you focused on the task at hand. Since they’re lightweight, they don’t impede your movement, and their lenses are often designed to polarize incoming light and provide excellent clarity while remaining tough and durable. For outdoor sports and intensive activities, there’s no better option than a dedicated pair of sports sunglasses to help you look and perform your best every time.

Here are some of our favorite sports sunglasses currently available.

The rubber nose bridge enhances comfort and prevents fogging. Amazon

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These sports sunglasses from Nike are the ideal choice for active people who demand consistent performance on a daily basis. Crafted from lightweight nylon, the durable frame holds two polarized plastic lenses that reduce glare and wrap around the wearer’s eye for extended protection. The hinges hold the arms at a high level of tension to prevent loosening and to ensure a tight, consistent fit.

Crafted from polycarbonate and titanium. Amazon

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Under Armour’s Zone 2.0 sunglasses excel at blocking 100 percent of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, making them an exceptional choice for people who spend many consecutive hours in bright, open locations. Their ArmourSight polarized lenses are crafted to reduce image distortion at the edges and are crafted to be up to ten times stronger than traditional polycarbonate. To further enhance secure wearability, they also come with a fully adjustable nose pad assembly.

Lightweight Italian design that’s friendly on the wallet. Amazon

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These polarized sunglasses from Hulislem are a budget-friendly option that make a great choice for an extra pair to stash in your car or bag. The polarized, polycarbonate lenses are covered in an iridium coating that helps protect your eyes from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, and the frame is a minimal plastic design that ensures a light-as-a-feather feeling on your face. They also ship with a handy zippered hard case that’ll keep them safe when not in use.

High-performance sunnies for little ones. Amazon

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These glasses from Khan are perfect for active kids seeking eye protection during outdoor recreation. The lenses are designed to wrap around the face at a width of 145 millimeters, providing full coverage for small faces, and they’re super stylish to boot. They’re made out of the same durable and lightweight polycarbonate you’ll find in most adult sports sunglasses and protect from the same spectrum of harmful ultraviolet light. A drawstring pouch is also included for safekeeping off the field.

Dita LSA-102
Head-turning Japanese design with cutting-edge design features. DITA

If style is as important to you as durability, Dita’s LSA-102 sports sunglasses are sure to deliver both in spades. The frame’s unique design is crafted from titanium all the way down to the temple reinforcements, allowing for enduring stability and an elegant finish that’s unmistakable. The lenses offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, and the temple tips and nose pads are designed for anti-slip performance with a soft feel.