If you’re a fan of online beauty tutorials and glean inspiration from makeup artists, you know that getting the perfect look takes skill—and a lot of time. These smart makeup mirrors give you the lighting and magnification you crave, while keeping you entertained with your favorite podcasts and playlists.

Top pick: simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi with Alexa

Most Advanced Option

Smart assistant controls. Amazon

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Yes, it’s one of the most expensive makeup mirrors you can buy—but this Simplehuman mirror with 5X magnification is in a class of its own. From its sleek modern profile to a Danish-designed high-fidelity speaker, you might just fall in love with the design before you even experience its function. When you walk into the room and the sensor detects your face, the mirror greets you by lighting up. Their tru-lux light system is designed to render color with the accuracy of natural sunlight and you can control brightness with a touch bar and dim to a simulated candlelight setting. Alexa is built right in, so you can play music as you preen, ask for the latest news, and call up your local weather forecast. The Simplehuman app allows you to customize Alexa and your mirror settings for your preferred morning routine.

Get up close: iHome All-in-One Makeup Mirror

Sing While You Inspect

Pore over your handiwork. Amazon

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The silver nickel finish and shapely base of the iHome mirror give it a distinctly futuristic look. High and low LED settings offer bright, full-spectrum light to pinpoint every detail of your face, especially when you have the dual-sided mirror turned to 7X magnification. Take advantage of the Bluetooth speakers to amplify makeup tutorials so you can follow along in real-time, or use the built-in microphone to return calls as you blend your foundation. It’s definitely not just for makeup artists: Shaving, tweezing, and other personal grooming can be accomplished more accurately, all while you sing along to great tunes.

Most glamorous: iHome 7″ x 9″ Reflect ll iCVBT3 Adjustable Vanity Mirror


Vintage glamour meets modern technology. Amazon

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Feel like a star of the silver screen with this 7 x 9-inch smart mirror. Create the perfect cat eye or brow for the club or workplace. Pair your phone to the built-in speakers and use Siri or Google Assistant to make hands-free calls, find tracks that fit your mood, or text a friend. You can also charge a USB device when the mirror is plugged in with its AC adapter, so you won’t run your phone’s battery down, no matter how long your glamour routine takes.