The toughest, most versatile shop vacs for any job

Whether you need full pro capacity or just a little something above a Roomba, you have plenty of options.

Right now, something in or around your home is in need of a heavy-duty clean. Not something that can be handled with a half-hearted Swiffer or a Roomba drive-by—something that needs power, durability, and versatility. Whether you need to clear out a workroom or finally give a thorough clean to your car interior, you likely need a shop vac.

When selecting a model, you should consider the types of cleaning jobs you typically engage in, so that you’re neither underselling yourself nor are you attacking an ant-sized problem with an elephant-sized machine. Here are some options to consider:

Compact and accomplished. Amazon

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This is a versatile shop vac designed for heavy loads. Its high capacity, 16-gallon belly and “Qwik Lock” filter system combine to make cleaning efficient and filter replacement simple, while its caster feet and 20-foot power cord keep it all accessible. It comes with a main hose, a utility nozzle, a wet nozzle, a car nozzle, two extension wands, and an integrated blower for quickly removing sawdust and other small debris. No matter what, it’s ready for any job you throw its way.

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One of the complaints about shop vacs is that they’re either the vac itself is unwieldy or all the added accessories are. The Vacmaster handles both problems, bringing you a shop vac that optimizes portability without sacrificing power. The hose, accessories, and power cord are all stored on the unit itself, and the 13.5-pound machine has a handle right on top—it’s lightweight, and doesn’t overpack. Its tank is corrosion and impact-resistant, and it easily converts to a blower as well. The “Beast” earns its nickname.

Hard to imagine there’s anything it can’t handle. Amazon

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This version of the Craftsman has a 16-gallon capacity, but the brand is prepared for bigger jobs, too—the industrial versions can be as big as 55 gallons, but that’s a bit much for most home use. Not only does it have tremendous storage capacity, it also features a built-in oversized drain that makes disposing of liquids as easy as it was to suck it up. The casters roll smoothly and also help store some of the accessories and add-ons. The 7-foot hose gives it ample reach, too.