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Snorkeling and scuba diving are amazing vacation activities for all ages. Take a peek below the surface and learn more about the various forms of wildlife we rarely get to see. Before you go ahead and jump off the nearest boat, dock, or jetski, make sure you’re loaded up with the right equipment, specifically snorkel fins. Snorkel fins will help propel you through the water at a steady speed, supporting your legs and eliminating fatigue so you can explore for hours. Make sure you purchase the pair that’s right for you: your experience level, overall goals, and size.



Selecting a scuba or snorkel fin with a long blade is a great option for divers learning how to maximize propulsion and improve their overall technique. They naturally instruct swimmers to kick from the hips, adding power and precision properly. These fins are also great for folks looking to increase overall fitness or competitive swimming performance.



If you tend to do more snorkeling than scuba diving, look for a fin with an adjustable heel and short blade. These features make the flippers lightweight, easy to pack, and useful for sharing between sizes; perfect for a family trip or fun weekend with friends.



There are two things you truly can’t snorkel without: fins and a diving mask. If you find yourself lacking both or looking for an upgrade, it’s a great idea to go for a set. Find yourself a high-quality snorkel valve with a panoramic view and comfortable water-tight seal to pair with flexible, responsive fins that support your legs with the proper propulsion.