If you’ve ever thought it would be satisfying to take a flaming hot poker and emblazon your signature in wood, then you should get into pyrography. All you need to get started in this centuries-old art are a few tools, a few pieces of instruction, and inspiration.

A scorching start. Amazon

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This woodburning pen is a relatively low-cost way to see if pyrography is right for you. Test your drawing skills with four different pen tips. Make simple signs or personalized gifts. This pen heats to just one temperature (a toasty 950 degrees), so you’ll want to upgrade as you master the basics.

Ignite your inner artisan. Amazon

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This kit has what you need to turn your work into a professional craft. Plug your pen into the 30-watt wood burning machine, and use the dial to adjust the voltage (and thus the temperature) for different materials and styles of marks. Create art on wood, leather, gourds, and bone. The kit comes with two pens you can easily switch between, plus 20 wire tips for fine details.

Learn from an expert. Amazon

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Did you know that pyrographers have control over tone, texture, and shadowing just like an illustrator? Let Lora S. Irish guide you through exercises, projects—a Dragonette Chessboard!—and techniques. When you’re ready to create original designs, you’ll have the knowledge to make your hippogriff’s feathers look fabulous, or compose an idyllic landscape.