It may be true that hustling can help you crush your goals. But sometimes, the “it” you’re crushing in gym classes and workplaces is just, well, you. The next time you crawl out of the weight room or a particularly long day of meetings, be prepared with a tool that targets your tension. Power massagers are portable, can pay for themselves in just a few uses by replacing pricey massage therapy, and can be deployed whenever you want. Here are some heavy-duty standouts to help keep you relaxed and in top form.

Most portable: TimTam PowerMassager Pro

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Reduce lactic acid buildup after a run by treating your muscles to the TimTam PowerMassager. This cordless percussion massager has a heated tip for when your muscles crave both pressure and warmth, and an LED screen allows you to monitor muscle temperature to achieve optimal results. Multiple treatment settings and three different tips (heated, vibrating, and round) combine for a highly individualized experience. The device’s head can also be adjusted across 175 degrees, for convenient access to sore places.

Most sporty: Hypervolt Bluetooth

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Hyperice has focused their line of power massagers on athletic performance and recovery, and have even partnered with tennis phenom Naomi Osaka. The Hypervolt Plus with Bluetooth weighs just 2.5 pounds and doesn’t make a lot of noise, so you’ll want to take it everywhere as you learn to relieve soreness and tension all over your body with the company’s how-to videos. Five different head attachments are included to attend to muscles from your quads to your traps—and even help you pamper sore feet. Like any comprehensive athletic regimen, the Hypervolt is designed for use during warmups and cooldowns—both to activate muscles and to relax them.

Most ergonomic: Theragun PRO

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With a maximum force of 60 pounds, the Theragun PRO is a heavy duty and comprehensive choice for deep tissue massage. Choose from six different attachments that accommodate your needs ranging from trigger point therapy to treating sensitive areas near bones. This model is 50 percent quieter than the G2PRO, but with its industrial-grade motor, you’re choosing this device to clobber your soreness away, not to purr gently like a cat. The ergonomically friendly arm rotates up to 90 degrees through four different positions to help you reach those trouble spots.

Great grip: LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

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The LifePro Sonic provides five levels of vibrating and percussive power, oscillating from 1200-2800 times per minute. If you add one to your arsenal of gym equipment, you’ll also gain access to live support and an online video library to help you make the most of your new massager. The battery life ranges from 3-6 hours depending on usage, so it can last through an intense workout session at the gym without needing to be recharged. Swap out the five different heads to focus on problem areas such as myofascial pain, achy joints, or your spine.

Great value: NFORCE Handheld Rechargeable Electric Percussion Massage Gun

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This vibrating power massager from Nforce delivers five adjustable levels of massaging intensity between 1,900 and 3,500 rpm, allowing users maximum flexibility in their quests for muscle pain relief. Six provided attachments including a fork, bullet, and multi-head point are tailored for muscle relief in specific problem areas such as the spine and neck, abdomen, and palms of the feet. It’s portable, too, thanks to the onboard rechargeable 2200-milliamp-hour battery, so it’s perfect for keeping in a gym bag for post-workout muscle relief and quicker recovery.