Excellent pencils for school, work, and beyond

Drawing and writing is so much more pleasant with the right tools.

When your kid’s halloween giveaway pencil doesn’t cut it and the cheapo colored pencil is too frustratingly faint for your mandala coloring, it’s time to upgrade. We’ve gathered selections of high quality, highly durable, excellently pigmented options to tackle any job. Whether scribbling your first multiplication facts or shading intricate works of art, it is important to consider the type and variety of pencils available in the marketplace.

Pencils are available in classic style No. 2 HB Lead, which will sharpen and erase easily. Or, if you hate sharpening, you can consider opting for mechanical pencils. For when you want to upgrade your pencils to allow for subtle variations in soft and hard leads, or need an excellent set of colored pencils, we’ve found some of the best options for anyone with writing and drawing needs.

Schoolhouse sleek. Amazon


These classic pencils are a classroom staple, but the black option is a nice new spin on the old elementary yellow. The lead inside the pencil is No. 2 HB, which makes it easy to see with minimal pressure. Ticonderoga company states the wood used in these pencils is sustainable and comes from responsibly managed sources. We like that they also come shipped inside the box pre sharpened.

Color therapy. Amazon


The Prismacolor pencil set comes with an impressive variety of 150 colors, making this a great choice for art enthusiasts. The pencils also have a soft core making the colors ideal for shading and layering. Achieving fine details is easy as these pencils are strong enough to be sharpened to a fine point

A little dash of color. Amazon


This multipack of pencils come in both thin (0.5 mm) and thick (0.7 mm) No. 2 lead. While all the pencils are lead, the exterior barrels come in a variety of vibrant solid colors, making them fun and easy to see in bags / bins. All of the pencils have a small eraser attached as well. These are a great option if you want pencils that are always sharp and require no pencil sharpening.

For your inner artist. Amazon


The Staedtler set is perfect for artists or hobby drawers, and includes 12 pencils that range in hardness, from 8B (soft) to 2H (hard). We like that the pencils come in a handy metal tin that snaps shut, so you can keep the set organized and clean. This set offers a variety of lights and darks to make for easy writing, shading, and drawing.