Pacifiers—or soothers—can help calm a fussy baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends them to help reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Check with your doctor about best practices for safely using different types based on whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding your child. Here are four great options that your baby might just approve of: two standard types, and two especially cuddly combos that also make great gifts.

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Get your new fascinating bundle of emotions a pacifier for their current stage of growth. This set of two hospital-grade silicone soothers is BPA free and latex free and can be washed in a dishwasher, boiled, or placed in a sterilizer when they get icky. They’re orthodontic pacifiers, which basically means they are designed not to get in the way of the development of your baby’s mouth and teeth. Each pacifier is just one piece in accordance with American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations to minimize choking risk.

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Babies get to call the shots on pacifiers, which means they often get rejected and end up on the carpet. Have an easier time finding these sweetly-patterned silicone soothers when the lights are out by looking for their soft glow. You’ll also get a storage case that can be filled with water and microwaved to sterilize the pacifier as needed. They are BPA-free, have an orthodontic nipple, and have air holes and a textured surface to prevent skin irritation. Choose these for ages 6 months and up.

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Is your mayhem-causing baby testing the laws of gravity each time their binky leaves their mouth and hits the floor? Perhaps, but this delightfully soft giraffe toy attached to a pacifier will give their tiny hands something easy to find and hold. This model is appropriate for ages 0-6 months and comes with a Philips Avent ultra-soft pacifier, though you can attach the pacifier of your choice to the velcro loop as long as it has a handle. Sterilize, boil, or clean the pacifier in the dishwasher—and freshen up the giraffe in the washing machine.

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This six-inch pink elephant from beloved plush toy maker Mary Meyer has a Wubbanub medical grade non-latex pacifier attached. It’s recommended for newborns up to six months who don’t yet have teeth. Just like the Philip’s giraffe, it can help your little one grab and hang onto their pacifier—and it’s a lot easier to find due to its size. You can wash it in your washing machine, but keep in mind that the pacifier is sewn to the elephant and not designed for replacing (although enterprising sewers might be able remove it and stitch the elephant back up for use as a stuffed toy).