Connecting with nature often involves trading your memory foam mattress for a patch of ground and your white noise machine for singing (and stinging) insects. With the right sleeping bag, though, enjoying the natural world doesn’t always mean a cold, hard night. If you just have to bring your favorite pillow, want to swaddle as much of yourself as possible, or want to avoid feeling like a chrysalis while you slumber, there’s a sleeping bag for you. Just be sure to note that sleeping bag temperature ratings are based on averages and comfort levels vary from person to person.

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If you’re a weekend wanderer who doesn’t stray too far from the campsite, settle into this affordable and practical sleeping bag after an evening full of toasted marshmallows and tall tales. Purchasers can choose two, three, or four pounds of cotton filling to go between the water-resistant outer layer and the inviting flannel liner. The simple rectangular shape gives you space to change position, and if you want to share with a spooked friend who swears he saw a ghost, just zip your sleeping bags together and snuggle up.

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Mummy sleeping bags aren’t for everyone. People who toss and turn or like to stretch out might feel a bit constrained by the tapered shape—though it does minimize the amount of cold air that can sneak in there with you. This cold-weather sleeping bag is roomy enough for most people up to 6’2” in height, and features a drawstring hood at the top to keep your head warmer in frigid temps. You can open the two-way zipper at the bottom to ventilate your toes if it’s warm enough out there, and when it’s not a clever draft tube design keeps heat from escaping from the zipper.

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Hit the trail in no time by stuffing this light sleeping bag into its sack and compressing it into a compact 2.9 pounds by pulling on the straps. At 75 inches long (that’s 6.25 feet), 30 inches wide at the shoulders and 20 inches wide at the feet, being a mummy may feel roomier than you expect. There’s extra insulation in the foot box for toasty toes, and a three-piece hood that offers more coverage than sleeping in a hat. The outer shell is made from wind-resistant ripstop and the inner layer is brushed, breathable polyester. You can also stash your phone and keys in a zipper pocket inside the bag for safekeeping.

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Load one of these 10-pound sleeping bags into your car along with a cooler, tent, and a couple of lawn chairs, and prepare to set up camp with some of the comforts of home. Bring your favorite pillows and stretch out with your partner in space wider than a queen bed and 7 feet long. If you’ve ever wished you could cut your blanket in two at home so you don’t have to sweat while your partner shivers, you might want to sleep in this bag every night: it has a built-in blanket attached to each side and separated in the middle. The top layer also unzips so you can stretch your feet out and luxuriate in the crisp morning air.