Outdoor saunas that’ll turn your house into a spa-like estate

Sweat a lot; find a little peace.

inside of a sauna
The best part of a sports club but it's in your backyard.DepositPhotos

Imagine finishing an intense run and slipping into your own personal sauna. You savor a quiet moment alone, listening to your heartbeat slow back to its normal rhythm. You’re a bit smug knowing your sauna may help with muscle soreness. It’s incredibly peaceful, and after a few minutes, you’re ready to take on the rest of your day. Does that sound good? Here are some of outdoor saunas you can buy online and install at home.

Cayenne 4-Person Outdoor Sauna

Cayenne Outdoor Sauna

Fits four people.Amazon

This outdoor infrared sauna is made out of natural Canadian hemlock wood and features exterior lighting, an FM radio/MP3 player, and an LCD control panel. It fits four adults comfortably with its deep benches, and also has a reading lamp, so you can finish your current book while relaxing.

Aleko Pine Indoor Outdoor Wet Dry Barrel Sauna

Aleko Pine Indoor Outdoor Wet Dry Barrel Sauna

A wet and dry outdoor sauna.Amazon

Styled in a barrel shape, this outdoor pine sauna is designed to provide the most amount of usable interior space. It comes with a bucket and scoop to pour water over the hot stones, which releases a burst of hot steam. Included: the heater, stones, a touchscreen control panel, and lamps—the roof is purchased separately. A bonus: the tempered glass door provides a nice view out into nature.

Oval Sauna Kit W2, 8 Person Outdoor Sauna

Oval Sauna Kit W2, 8 Person Outdoor Sauna

A luxe, two-room outdoor sauna.Amazon

Take your outdoor sauna experience to the next level with two-tier seating. Heat rises, so the two levels are different temperatures, which is great for people with different temperatures. It’s made out of Nordic spruce and designed to be assembled by two adults. You can also opt for an experienced installation crew.