Great portable speakers for your next outdoor party

Bring the noise outside, rain or shine.

people outside at a party
Speakers to make your party a blast.Cassie Gallegos via Unsplash

You need only three things for a good outdoor party: snacks, friends, and music to keep the energy up and the spirit alive. Every good host knows that the speaker on your phone or laptop just won’t cut it, but setting up a complicated stereo system outside isn’t necessary—not when there are so many portable, rechargeable loudspeakers built to hold a charge for a long time, rain or shine.

Here are a few of our favorite outdoor speakers for keeping the vibe just right.

Soundcore Trance Bluetooth Speaker
Bulbs bump to the beat.Amazon

The Soundcore Trance is an 80-watt, Bluetooth-compatible speaker that weighs just under 8 pounds. With a battery life of up to 18 hours, this tiny titan features Soundcore’s proprietary BassUp technology, which aims to deliver enhanced bass intensity that you can feel from a distance. The casing is waterproof at a level of IPX7, which means you can feel good about taking your tunes out on the open water in your inflatable donut without worrying about submerging the case. Download the Soundcore app to access the five different light modes and three LED-based party games.

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus
Have a backyard karaoke party. Amazon

For your next block party or karaoke bash, consider the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus. This 100-watt portable speaker is stacked to the brim with features including a radio receiver and an AUX input. The included microphone makes this a perfect speaker for singing along to tunes or delivering a heartfelt toast in a sunbaked stupor. The 50-hour battery packs more than enough juice to get you through the weekend, and there’s even an onboard USB port for charging your smartphone.

DemerBox Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers
Sustainable construction.Amazon

Built with sustainability in mind, this set of outdoor speakers from DemerBox is cleverly constructed inside a rugged Pelican case, which makes them not only waterproof and crush-proof but fully serviceable as well. The battery lasts up to 40 hours and the internal USB charger lets you keep your device juiced while you bump your tunes. If you’ve got more than one on hand, you can sync multiple speakers together and have music playing wherever the party goes. Perhaps best of all, since the DemerBox is built from a Pelican case, you can open it up and use the interior to safe-keep your wallet, keys and anything else you want to take along for the ride.