Sure, binge-watching the latest TV hit can be great. But gaming can allow you to climb inside the story, direct the plot, and experience all the consequences—good and bad—of your choices. Who wouldn’t want to carry on life in a parallel universe wherever they are? With Nintendo Switch and some smart accessories, go about your day without losing the thread of the alternate characters and realities you’ve built for yourself. Here are our favorites.

Essential console: Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con

Unparalleled Experience

Get started in portable gaming. Amazon

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This handheld game console weighs less than a pound and is highly versatile. When you’re at home, dock the device to your TV or computer monitor using an HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) port. No matter where you are, you can use the built-in stand to prop up the screen on any flat surface and separate the left and right controllers for multiplayer action. In the middle of a battle but have to leave for work? Keep the controllers attached and fight dragons on the train. The size of the console including the controllers is just about 4-inches wide, 9.4-inches long and .55 inches deep—slightly smaller and narrower than the standard iPad (6.8” wide and 9.8” long). Purchase games either as downloads or physical game cards and choose from a selection currently nearing 2,000.

Console saver: amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Protect Your Investment

Your concentration might break, but this won’t. Amazon

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It happens to the best of us. Sometimes you just get so enthusiastic about winning you forget that you’re holding a computer screen in your hand and not a steel blade or steering wheel. This incredibly thin tempered glass screen protector (just .33mm thick) safeguards your console without compromising your graphics or touchscreen responsiveness. Before you let your first arrow fly in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, clean your screen with the included wet and dry wipes, install the protector, and enjoy a surface that’s scratch-resistant and reduces fingerprints.

Best portable protection: iVoler Storage Case for Nintendo Switch

All Your Stuff In One Place

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Treat your console and accessories with as much respect as the gold, artillery, or treasure maps you stockpile as you play. This durable case has a hard EVA shell and room for everything you need for travel, including your dock, Pro-Controller, extra Joy-Cons, and up to 18 game cartridges. The interior is designed to cushion and hold items securely in their designated places, so you won’t forget where you stashed your HDMI cable. A comfortable handle makes it easy to carry, or you can use the shoulder strap for hands-free portability.

Best gaming connectivity: Genki Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

Upgrade Your Audio

Add wireless capability. Amazon

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This powerful and low-latency Bluetooth adapter works with the USB port on your Nintendo Switch, and allows pass-through charging so you can keep your wireless headset or Bluetooth speakers connected during epic gameplay. Pair up to two headsets to listen to game sound effects and musical scores without disturbing others. If you’ve docked your Switch to your TV, an included dock adapter gives you device pairing with just one extra step. Fortnite and other interactive game fans can turn on voice chat mode for live communication between players.

Superior play: iVoler Afterglow Nintendo Switch Wireless Deluxe Controller

Move Around Better

Play your way. Amazon

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This product for serious gamers allows you to customize your controller for your unique style of play, without being tethered by a cable. It’s licensed by Nintendo for the Switch, and features two large buttons on the back that can be programmed to the actions you’ll use the most for whatever game you’re obsessed with currently. Set up the LED light display for colorful effects, and take advantage of the built-in motion controls to excel at “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” and “Doom”. Recharge the battery when needed by connecting it to your Switch with a USB cable.

Extend your play: Anker PowerCore 13400 Portable Charger for Nintendo Switch

More Hours Of Game Time

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If your passion for gameplay on the road is measured in hours, you’ll want a portable charger that keeps you up and running with minimal fuss. In the event that your Switch battery is completely dead, you can revive it in about 3.5 hours with this speedy option. It’s compatible with other USB-C devices, so you can give tired laptops and iPhones some extra juice when power outlets are few and far between.