Even the most unobservant can’t fail to have noticed that mindfulness is everywhere, from gym classes to apps and corporate wellness programs. We’re still learning about all of the ways in which mindfulness-based meditation can affect our physical and mental health. But our aching backs, knees, and sore butts tell us that one not-so-fun side effect can be discomfort from sitting for long periods. Suffering may be an unavoidable part of the human experience, but the right meditation cushion can help keep your mindfulness practice a little more relaxed and in the moment.

Multiple hues: Seat Of Your Soul Meditation Cushion

Easy To Customize

To make this option lower or softer, simple open it up and remove some of the filling. Amazon

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Made from organic cotton, this round cushion or zafu can be customized by adjusting the buckwheat filling levels. The classic design will help support you as you sit in a meditation posture of your choice. If your feline companion enjoys quiet contemplation as much as you do, you’ll appreciate that the cover can be unzipped and thrown in the washing machine.

Dual set: Buckwheat Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion

Removable And Washable Cover

Double-stitched for extra strength. Amazon

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If you’re sitting on a round zafu cushion in any position where your knees touch the floor, a zabuton or mat can make a real difference. This set features a cotton twill zafu filled with buckwheat hulls and a zabuton filled with kapok fiber for softness and resilience. At 30 by 28-inches (or approximately 2.5 feet square), there is ample room for your legs to rest on the zabuton, which can be cleaned by removing and machine washing the cover. While the height of this zafu can be adjusted by taking out buckwheat hulls, you’ll need to vacuum it or spot clean with a damp cloth, as its cover cannot be removed.

Attached support: bonVIVO Easy III Folding Floor Chair


Extends to a 100-degree angle and simple to stash away. Amazon

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If a round cushion is uncomfortable for you but you still want to keep your meditation practice on the floor, this chair is a good option. The backrest can be used both to sit upright and to recline, making it easy to transition from alert and in-the-moment to vegging out with a movie or reading to your kids. It’s made from upholstery filling, PE and PU foam to conform to your body, and can be cleaned with a damp sponge. Take it with you to a meditation retreat or event by folding it up—it weighs less than six pounds and has a handle for portability.

Has legs: Meditation Designs Meditation Bench

Sustainable Materials

Best for yogis under 6’1′. Amazon

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One unique way to practice sitting meditation is to use a bench that gives your butt a place to rest while you are kneeling. Tuck your knees underneath this cushioned acacia wood seat, and gently rock the bench on its rounded legs to get the right support for your posture (this bench is best for people up to 5’11” in height). The handsome design might just inspire you to set up a mindfulness corner in your apartment.