A mattress topper is one of the most accessible ways to upgrade your bed. Depending on the firmness or softness, it can add a level of support to certain parts of your body, including your shoulders, hips and knees, as well as overall improve comfort. Different toppers have various strengths, and they’re also a portable option, so you never have to sacrifice your full bedding experience again. Below are some of the most beloved toppers on the market.

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Tempur-pedic has long been a leader in the bedding space; it’s known for adaptability, cooling properties, and engineering that ensures quality sleep and exceptional balance. These cooling or medium-firm toppers adapt to your shape and temperature to enhance your rest. It has a remarkable effect on sleepers who live with body pain thanks to its soft foam material, and the cover is easily removable for washing.

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Why be limited to one size or material? You can select your thickness of this latex mattress ranging from one-to-three inches thick on standard bed sizes. It’s soft latex material brings additional cooling properties, lowering body heat better than some other traditional fabrics or materials.

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This four-inch topper blends temperature-neutral memory foam and cozy down alternative fiber to add a supportive veneer of luxury to your new firm mattress or worn old mattress. It’s made in the U.S. and includes a removable cover for convenient washing. This product’s designers have engineered its scent to remain neutral, so you can waste no time adjusting to its new support, and it is especially accommodating for sore hips or backs.

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If you’ve found some bedding irritates your sinuses or allergies, this topper is for you. It includes a removable hypoallergenic bamboo viscose cover that encases pure memory foam. The simplicity of this product also brings an appeal that’s laser-focused on universal sleep improvement; it skips other features such as egg-shell design and gel. With 2-inch thickness, it’s especially easy to bring on trips, so you’re always guaranteed a supreme night’s sleep.