Even with your air-conditioner blasting, your bedroom may not live up to your breeziest expectations. That’s where the natural fiber that is linen comes in: derived from a flax plant and delightfully soft, linen sheets can keep you cool and cozy. Linen advocates will tell you the sheets are durable and stand the test of time. They are often more breathable despite their thickness, thanks to their fibers’ composition. Plus, they can be a gauzy form of luxury, whether you’re looking only for a fitted sheet only or prefer to be cocooned by the impeccable textile. Below are some of the most revered linen sheet sets on the market.

Best overall: DAPU Pure Stone Washed Linen Sheets Set

Handful Of Color Options

Breathable and built for multiple budgets. Amazon

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No matter the season, these carefully crafted French linen sheets will bring a new level of comfort to your sleeping experience. They’re able to regulate your body temperature, whether you’re overheated or more than cool. The chic stonewashed colors—including off white, gray, and smoky pink—are designed to fit a range of interior styles. They also offer two big perks: you don’t need to worry about washing them as often as the standard cotton sheet, but when you do, they could get even softer over time.

Most affordable: Oasis Fine Linens Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set

Supremely Soft

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This pure white, quality linen sheet set is a classic choice that saves you the decision-making energy. If you have a thick mattress, no worries, as these generously sized linens can slip over a surface as deep as 22 inches. This set is also exceptionally well-priced for what it includes: two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a top sheet. It’s ideal for folks who want mostly linen, but are open to a linen-cotton hybrid.

Environmentally-friendly: Lausonhouse Linen Sheet Set

Sustainable Pick

With the allure of this soft fabric, you can look forward to long, lazy days in bed. Amazon

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With the amount of energy it can take to spin a quality set of sheets, it can be refreshing to find a brand that centers its manufacturing and consumer process around the environment. These sheets will arrive in a reusable bag that you can tote around for other uses or carry during trips to the laundromat. Beyond the sheets’ absorption abilities, they are charmingly hemmed with detail and built to withstand use.

Splurge pick: Linoto 100% Pure Belgian / Italian Flax Linen Bed Sheet Set

Year-Round Comfort

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Investing in a set of sheets means committing to your sleep hygiene, which can pretty much determine your mood and overall health. These ultra luxurious sheets are made in New York with fibers from Italy and Belgium. They’re so coarse that some sleepers opt to go without additional blankets during hot months. While these sheets are stylish and come in a mix of neutral and pastel colors, they’re also functional and machine washable.