Laundry is a part of your life, whether you drop it off at a service, haul it to a laundromat, or do it yourself at home. There is nothing like a ratty laundry bag or an old plastic laundry bin to make your laundry an eye sore. It’s time for an upgrade.

Whether you want a classic design, a utilitarian look, or something resembling a page from an interior design magazine, we found some options that can improve your laundry area aesthetics. With practical removable laundry bag inserts or collapsible options, there are ways to improve function and style.

Environmentally sustainable. Amazon

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This is a practical option for your laundry needs, as the hamper contains a divider and two separate removable laundry bags (which makes separating whites and colors easy). Also, the side handles and lid make carrying it much easier. The hamper is available in rounded edge or rectangular, depending upon your preference, and comes in 4 different wicker color finishes. Inside the woven exterior is a steel frame for added stability, and the wicker material is environmentally sustainable—just beware if you have a cat who sees all wicker as a potential scratching post.

Work surface or table top. Amazon

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This option is a great choice for a spa-inspired look. The hamper is built from eco-friendly bamboo and includes two slide out laundry bins with handles, and a workable table top for folding laundry or storing items. The laundry bins can be carried over to your washer and then slide back into the bamboo frame. Note, that these bins are not very large, but that being said at 29 by 25 by 13 inches could fit in most smaller bathrooms.

Elegant basket shape. Amazon

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This cotton rope woven hamper can double as pure home decoration. The muted colors and the pottery inspired shape make this choice pleasing to the eye. The basket holds up to 105L which is larger than most laundry hampers. As this basket is woven out of cotton, it can be folded and even carefully ironed if needed. The basket has two large handles making moving and carrying easy. Note: there is no interior liner or laundry bag included.

Product that really knows what it is. Amazon

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This is a stylish, modern option for laundry hamper—made for holding and storage. It is fully collapsible, lightweight and offers a bold graphic “LAUNDRY” written on the side of the bin. It is also available in 7 colors. The collapsible option makes it great for space conscious rooms or in smaller apartments and dorms.