Dealing with unwanted hair can be frustrating, especially if you regularly deal with ingrown hairs. If you’re not into shaving, waxing, or epilating, you can always try semi-permanent laser hair removal. Though this was once only available through salons, with the right tools, a mind toward safety, and a bit of research, you can zap your follicles in your bathroom. Here’s a list of at-home options.

Adapts to skin tone. Amazon

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This Gillette Venus IPL device is great for anyone with sensitive skin. Laser hair removal can be painful, but this device adapts to your skin tone so each flash is custom for you. This helps prevent irritation and pain. It also has three different comfort modes based on where you’re using the device.

Easiest to take around with you. Amazon

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If you’re going on vacation and looking to bring your hair removal device with you, the Finishing Touch hair removal device is one of the most compact options available.

Target small areas or tackle detail work. Amazon

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The Tria Beauty Hair Removal device is unique in that it brings three times more energy than other at-home laser hair removal devices. It also has a very fine tip, which allows you to target small areas and work on the finer details. This is also a safer option for your eyes since it doesn’t deliver wide bursts of light.