Has there ever been a kite flying at the beach that wasn’t, to some degree, entertaining? You can take a kite along to a camping site or a picnic at the park, or on your winter holiday to a warmer destination. With the right design, material, and sturdiness to withstand high winds, quality kites will last for countless uses — and bring you the pleasure of amusing yourself with the sky. Below are some of the best kites that will leave you happily gazing at the clouds.

Yes, this is a highly impressive boat on a string. Amazon

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If there was ever a time to feel like a moderate level of pirate, this kite would be a key component. With vibrantly striped sails and an easy-to-assemble hull, flying this kite might be the simplest travel experience you’ll ever have. It has supportive metal rods and tough polyester fabric to avoid any undesired ripping. And while it’s nearly three feet tall, it folds down into a portable case that you can bring with you anywhere.

Make your life easier with a pre-assembled kite that includes spare parts. Amazon

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Most people who’ve flown a kite have seen it crash, but this model is built to last even the strongest gusts or unexpected nosedives. With a range of eye-catching colors and whimsical twin tails, this kite is a whole 60-inch wide and will undoubtedly stand out in the sky. With stainless steel kid-friendly clips and a flexible resin rod to bolster the nylon material, this kite is designed for even the most unplanned recreational outings.

This one will convince you to jog while guiding it across the expanse. Amazon

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This kite is a strong fit for beginners or even the most seasoned fliers thanks to its approachability and simple engineering. It’s supported by a standard T-cross bar and easy to construct, making it especially ideal for families. For new fliers, this giant 60-inch kite can help instill critical thinking skills in navigating it across a range of environments and weather conditions.

This soft, meticulously designed choice is an instant talker. Amazon

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Hear us out: You can in fact fly a 3D dolphin on a nearly 100-foot string above a body of water. This well-crafted kite can glide through fast winds, and its precise design is a natural conversation starter and burst of joy for anyone flying or admiring it. Its nearly 7-foot size will demand some coordination, but its construction allows for a surprisingly solid lift that allows it to fly well and helps you create lasting memories.