High-tech hair dryers to keep your mane fabulous

You probably don’t need a professional to get a great blow-out.

If the thought of leaving the house with wet hair makes you shudder, you probably are a blow dryer devotee. But are you getting the shampoo-commercial glamour you want on a daily basis? These high-end hair dryers offer smart features and designs to help you master fresh-from-the-salon locks.

Salon-quality: Rusk Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer with Italian Motor

Reduce Your Drying Time

Make every day a spa day.

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Rusk products are found at salons across the country, and this professional model might even be the very one your stylist uses. If you’re tempted to purchase the Speed Freak non-professional model to save money, take a look at the button layout—there are prominent buttons where many people grip the dryer, making it possible to accidentally switch settings. The Super Freak avoids this annoyance and provides 2,000 watts of drying power, ceramic and tourmaline materials designed to produce negative ions and fight frizz, and a cool shot button for finishing (kind of like when you pour cold water on your strained pasta to stop it from cooking).

Most portable: 6th Sense Masterpiece Pro

Just Throw It In Your Bag

We can sense a good day.

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This French-made hair dryer is an eye-catching transparent turquoise you would have coveted in your inflatable armchair days. At just about a pound in weight including the cord, it features an ergonomic design to make daily use more comfortable. Get the power you need in a portable size. A dual ion generator can be turned on or off for volume or sleekness as desired.

The best: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

On Top Of The World

Twirl your curls.

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Of course, you don’t need a hair dryer this expensive—but if your hair takes forever to dry or you’re the winner of your local hair salon’s most frequent blowout award, the Dyson may delight you. This stylish model is engineered to dry quickly and quietly without extreme heat, and comes with a high-velocity styling concentrator, smoothing nozzle, and diffuser, all of which attach magnetically. When you’ve got the look you want, help set it with a blast of cool air. The tool also comes a wide-tooth comb attachment for textured hair and a special attachment for fine hair and sensitive scalps. Truth be told, it’s hard to think of a more innovative, effective hairdryer on the market.