Regular desktop mice won’t cut it for gamers who want more control, responsiveness, and customizable settings. Gaming mice are designed to hold up through hours of Call of Duty, with ergonomic grips, buttons that can be pre-programmed with complex combinations, mice sensitivity (DPI) you can adjust to your needs, fully designable color schemes, and extra responsive sensors. Level-up your gameplay with one of these picks. And in case you want a gaming keyboard, we’ve got recommendations for those too.

A responsive gaming mouse with mechanical switches. Amazon

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This mouse has seven customizable buttons (you can remap them or assign macro functions to each click), with mechanical switches that will last through 50 million clicks and customizable lighting RGB profiles with 16.8 million color combinations. The 16,000 DPI optical sensor can be adjusted through a dedicated button.

No cords. Amazon

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This wireless gaming mouse will give you lag-free performance, and up to 250 hours of battery life using AA batteries. (Not gaming? Switch into endurance mode for up to 1,440 hours of use.) Buttons are rated up to 20 million clicks, and you’ll be able to program 11 buttons.

Affordable and effective. Amazon

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This budget-friendly mouse doesn’t sacrifice gaming performance: it has adjustable DPI levels from 1200 to 7200, plus 7 programmable buttons, and 16 million LED color options for backlighting. It’s comfortable to use even after hours of gaming and has a 30-million-click lifespan.