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You know how infuriating it can be to deal with flies (or other flying pests) roaming around your kitchen. You could try getting rid of them with bug spray, but it’s smelly and not particularly effective. The best way to get rid of flies? A good old fashioned fly swatter.

You don’t necessarily need technology to improve a classic design: sometimes, the best way to get rid of flies is with a heavy duty, hand-shaped fly swatter. The plastic is flexible but strong, and won’t damage the wall you’ll smack. These vibrantly colored swatters are 18 inches long, so you can reach pests at a distance. Get a pack of five at a budget-friendly price, and keep one for every room in the house.

With just one swat, and you can kill a fly (or mosquito, or wasp) with this electric fly zapper. It looks like a bright orange tennis racket, only it’s a fly killing machine. The racket is rechargeable and features safety switch on the racket ensures children won’t accidentally get hurt. It’s easy to clean, and satisfying to use: swing, zap, victory.

Want to turn the act of getting rid of pests into an upgraded tactile experience? Get this intense fly swatter, made out of leather with an ash wood handle. It’s handmade in the USA, measures 18 inches long with a 5 inch x 4 inch paddle. It will make a satisfying sound whether you get the fly or not, and make you feel like a fly-killing James Bond instead of an ordinary person trying to clean their kitchen.